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The IQ-USM 810 is a unique audio control device from Crown. It contains versatile feature sets that allow you not only to reduce the number of units you install into a sound system, but to greatly reduce the cost of the system. 

The USM-810 is a DSP processing unit that has been designed to be a "System in a Box". You'll get an extremely powerful DSP engine that delivers a great deal of processing power. And it also incorporates one of the most sophisticated automatic mixers available. With eight inputs and 10 outputs, you'll have a very versatile "palette" of system configurations and signal routing capabilities.

The IQ-USM 810 fits an infinite range of installations. From major sports facilities to the smallest houses of worship, the IQ-USM 810 can fill the need. It incorporates 32 user-definable presets that can be selected from the front panel, IQ for Windows software, switch closure, or can be scheduled from its internal real-time clock calendar. You can easily configure the IQ-USM 810 for automatic room combining as well as "simple to use" wall station controls. All of this and more at a price you won't believe!

The IQ-USM 810 extends the Ultra Series of Crown IQ products. Along with the IQ-PIP USP2 module and Crown Com-Tech and Macro-Tech PIP2-compatible amplifiers, the IQ-USM 810 incorporates the best amplifier control system with the best signal processing. You get more control and versatility using a single computer or controller than ever before. IQ offers the greatest spectrum of connectivity while maintaining its simple approach.

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