Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Data

1.1 collects data in several ways, which includes but not limited to;
1.1.1 When customers register for an account
1.1.2 When information is submitted through forms on the site either by ordering from us
1.1.3 When customers contact us via forms, emails, letters, phone calls or any other form(s) of interaction
1.1.4 When communication from us is requested by the customer
1.1.5 When data is submitted to us for any other reasons

2. Purposes of Data Collection

2.1 collects data from customers for the following purposes, which includes but not limited to;
2.1.1 Responding to queries
2.1.2 Facilitating transactions between us and our customers
2.1.3 Resolving disputes and handling queries and requests
2.1.4 Legal purposes in cases which legal advice is needed
2.1.5 Legal purposes for dispute resolution
2.1.6 Other legal purposes for any other reasons
2.1.7 Conducting investigations in the case of disputes, billing or fraud
2.1.8 In compliance with laws, regulations or legal and regulatory bodies

3. Authorisation of Data

"Data" refers to all data submitted to, whether true or not, to be about the individual who can be identified from the given information. This data can be collected either from the customer directly or from representatives authorized to do so, from publicly available sources and from third parties.